Richland Memorial Hospital in Olney recently made at $10,000 contribution to Jasper County School District to support their 1:1 Initiative.  The donation took place at Jasper County Medical Center in Newton, which is owned and operated by RMH.


The 1:1 Initiative is working to providing more technology within the classroom.  Their ultimate goal is to equip each student with a Chromebook, so all students have equal learning opportunities.  They are beginning with students at Newton Community High School.


Jasper County School District embraces the 4 C’s of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity in educating their students.  Authentic learning, connecting globally and teamwork are all ideas encompassed within the 1:1 initiative.


“From a healthcare perspective, I understand how integral technology is to providing quality care, and I know it is equally as important to those teaching the leaders of tomorrow.  I applaud their efforts to provide these resources for their students,” stated RMH CEO David Allen.


Pictured:  Newton Community High School Principal, Beth Probst, faculty representatives, and students are presented with a $10,000 check from Richland Memorial Hospital to support the 1:1 Initiative.  Representing RMH and Jasper County Medical Center were:  Jan Stierwalt (Nurse Practitioner), Julie Shamhart (Clinic Receptionist), Chelsey Stuckemyer (Medical Assistant), Eric Toliver (Director of Organizational & Community Development), Jamie Niemerg (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner), and Rita Seals (Registered Nurse).



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