Quality at Richland Memorial Hospital

Our commitment to Quality...

The Board of Directors, physicians and staff of RMH are committed to quality care and the safety of our patients.  In addition to our own quality improvement activities, RMH is involved in several initiatives at both the State and National level to continuously improve the delivery of quality care.

Click on the links below to learn more about our quality initiatives at Richland Memorial Hospital and to view our scores.

    >  State and National Collaborative Efforts
    >  Survey of Patients' Experiences
    >  Timely and Effective Heart Attack Care
    >  Effective Heart Failure Care
    >  Effective Pneumonia Care
    >  Timely and Effective Surgical Care
    >  Timely Emergency Department Care
    >  Preventive Care
    >  Timely and Effective Stroke Care
    >  Blood Clot Prevention and Treatment
    >  Pregnancy and Delivery Care
    >  Surgical Complications
    >  Healthcare-Associated Infections
    >  Readmissions and Deaths
    >  Use of Medical Imaging
    >  Payment and Value of Care

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