2012 Annual Appeal Gifts

Unless otherwise designated by donors, proceeds from the
2012 Annual Appeal have been earmarked for the
campaign to raise $100,000 towards the $350,000 cost of the
2-D digital mammography equipment obtained by RMH in late 2010.





Blank’s Insurance Agency, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg C. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Loren R. Smith
Dr. Melanie and Chris Waller

In Memory of Julia Blank
   Donald S. Blank
In Memory of Mary “Pat” Bookhout
   Mr. Kevin and Dr. Trish Bookhout
Bill Clow
Dr. Niranat Dejtiranukul
Carolyn VonAlmen

In Memory of Herb Carson
   Mrs. Margaret R. Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Angela Doll
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Julie Hearring
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leathers
In Memory of John B. and Leah A. Murvin
   Jane L. Murvin
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Carol Potter
Dr. and Mrs. Dirk and Jeffrey Rosenberg
Kathy Sanderson
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stallard
Carl Waggle
Fr. Jerry Wirth

Mr. and Mrs. Lynden and Bonita Balding
In Memory of Dan Baughman
   Baughman Insurance
Tina Bertin
Mr. and Mrs. Gene and Sherry Brauer
In Memory of Howard A. Brown
   Mrs. Mary Lou Brown
Claremont Community Center
Terry Conour and Georgia Oswald
Joni Cox
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Lawless
In Memory of James N. DeVore
   Mrs. Betty J. DeVore
Lisa Dvorak
Diane A. Fehrenbacher
In Memory of Nancy Fritschle
   Mr. Arthur E. Fritschle
In Memory of Kitty Fye
   Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fye
In Memory of Stan Novak
   Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gardner
Melinda Haigh
Ashlee Hatten
In Memory of Dr. John E. Helm
   Mrs. Lucy M. Helm
Karen Marie Jameson
Jack and Bev Jennings
In Loving Memory of Dick Fessel
   Sandra Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Carolyn Kermicle
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Kistler
Wayne Kocher
In Memory of Gail L. Lathrop
   Shirley M. Lathrop
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Linder
Kathy Lynch
Gladys Markwell
MERCK Partnership for Giving
In Memory of Jonathan David Walden
   Mr. and Mrs. Johnny and Evelyn Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Miller
In Memory of Helen Weber Miller
   James B. Miller
In Loving Memory of Dick Fessel
   Peter and Penny Morse
Louis and Gloria Ochs
Paul’s Carpet Cleaning, Inc.
Bruce and Cindy Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Louise Prescott
Mrs. Sue Ann Quayle
Bill Ross
Mark Roth
Galen Schwartz
Janet Smallwood
Shirley Smithenry
Mavis and John Spears
Ron and Eleanor Steber
Frank Stout
Rex and Carolyn Tucker
Mike and Lori Uhl Family
Frank and Pat Van Matre
Jo Beth Warren
Richard and Nancy Weber
Robert and Beverly Weber
Marilyn J. Weesner
Laura Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. Zuber

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Barger
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Chandler
In Memory of Jerry Black
   Michael and Kathy Black
Nadine Boyer
Bonnie R. Brauer
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Mary Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Sandra Esworthy
In Memory of Keith Hartrich
In Memory of Nancy Deeter
   Caroline A. Hartrich
Ms. Karen Hilliard
Mrs. Beverly Keyth
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Pam Ochs
Bruce and Mattie Runyon
In Memory of Joe Slichenmyer
   Mrs. Kathy Slichenmyer
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Volk

Todd and Julie Bettis Family
In Memory of Ruby and Glenn Bussard
   Larry and Carmae Bussard
Family Hair Care – Betty Slover
In Memory of Donna Hendrix
   Mr. and Mrs. John Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Harry and June Hillis
Lazy 8 Body Shop
Don and Claudia Morgan
In Memory of Carl Frederick Pampe
   Mrs. Mary Louise Pampe
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Redman
John and Virginia Resor
William H. Shafer
Michael and Beth Shan
Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Lisa Weiler
Stan and Sandy Wieber

Donor Recognition Categories:

Diamond $5,000 or above
Emerald $2,500 to $4,999
Ruby $1,000 to $2,499
Jade $500 to $ 999
Sapphire $250 to $499
Opal $100 to $249
Topaz $50 to $99
Garnet gifts up to $49