2016 Annual Appeal Gifts

Current area of focus is the Medical School Fund.
Donors may direct their gifts for other uses if so desired.

Rob and Anne Anniss, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Lynden and Bonita Balding


Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Lori Barger


In Memory of Donald E. Barnett

Mrs. Christiana Barnett


Steve and Genelle Beck


Tina Bertin


Mr. and Mrs. Bill Chandler


In Memory of Julia M. Blank

Donald S. Blank


Blank's Insurance Agency, Inc.


Ms. A. Nadine Boyer


Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brauer


In Memory of Ruby and Glenn Bussard

In Memory of Orville and Betty Miller

Larry and Carmae Bussard


Peggy Carson


Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Clark


Bill Clow


In Memory of Dr. Luis F. De Venecia Sr.

Dr. and Mrs. Luis C. De Venecia Jr.


Betty J. DeVore




In Memory of Leo and Theresa Doll

Mr. Garai Doll


George and Bev Dufilho


Julia E. Eichhorst


Bruce and Sheila Ernst


Family Hair Care - Betty Slover

In Memory of Our Family

Mr. and Mrs. Randall and Phillis Fehrenbacher


Joan Fessel


In Memory of Nancy B. Fritschle

Arthur E. Fritschle


Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Brooke Fritschle


In Memory of Joe and Maxine Shafer

Gary and Carla Gardner


Mr. and Mrs. Gregg C. Gibson


Tim Gillespie


Rob and Deanna Gillis


In Memory of Mr. Don Murray

Don and Susie Graham


Elaine Grimes


Ashlee Hatten


Dr. and Mrs. Don F. Hatten


Dave and Sue Heidbreder


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hocking


In Honor of RMH Staff

Karen Marie Jameson


Dennis and JoAnn Jennings


In Memory of James F. Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Rod Kelley


Paul and Carolyn Kermicle


Michael and Peggy King


Mr. and Mrs. Randy Kistler


Frank and Carol Kocher


Wayne Kocher


In Memory of Gerald Kuenstler

Mrs. Mary Jane Kuenstler

Arthur V. Kurtz


Kathy Lynch


Mark J. Kuenstler, CPA


Gladys Markwell


In Honor of Judy McKinney

Rob and Lauren McClain Family


Mr. and Mrs. Avery McKinney


In Memory of Loren G. Slinkard

Kathryn (Kitty) and Joe Menefee


In Memory of Helen Weber Miller

James B. Miller


Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Deb Mitchell


Denna Mitchell


Loren and Anna Mitchell


Jane L. Murvin


In Memory of Gloria J. Ochs

Louis B. Ochs


Bob and Stephanie Ochs


In Honor of Dr. Don F. Hatten

In Memory of Mr and Mrs. Alonzo and Ruth Leuthardt

In Memory of Leown Atkins

Mr. and Mrs. John & Hope Parker


Bruce and Cindy Peters


In Memory of  David Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Carol Potter


Herb and Linda Reckling


Mr. and Mrs. John and Virginia Resor


Ray Robertson


Dr. and Mrs. Dirk and Jeffrey Rosenberg


Mr. and Mrs. George Rumsey


Kathy Sanderson


In Memory of Richard L. Schaub

Robert and Ruth Sayre


Karl and Erika Schaette


Galen Schwartz


Michael T. Scheckel



In Memory of Gary Stephen Scranton

Mrs. Mary Sheridan


In Memory of Joe Slichenmyer

Mrs. Kathy Slichenmyer


In Memory of Loren Smith

Ms. Joyce Smith


Shirley Smithenry


Mr. and Mrs. George Snider


In Memory of Rev. Jerry Wirth

Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Eleanor Steber






In Memory of Barry and Erin Bergbower

Eric and Kelly Toliver


Mike and Lori Uhl


Frank and Pat Van Matre


Mr. and Mrs. Jim Volk


Mr. and Mrs. Carl Waggle


Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and Jeannie Walser


Jo Beth Warren


Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wilson


Laura Woods


Debra L. Zuber


Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. and Mary Jo Zuber


In Memory of Robert L. Lanker

Mr. and Mrs. Herman and Susan Zuber


Mrs. Mackenzie Zuber