Medical School Student Tuition Fund Contributions

Richland Memorial Hospital is currently providing tuition assistance to four Medical School Students.  Each has a commitment to practice locally upon completion of their studies. 

RMH Foundation contributes a minimum of $25,000 annually toward the education of the future generation of physicians for our community.

Debbie Emerson
Liz Ginder
Joan Lomas
Denna Mitchell

Robert and Marjorie Nash
Dr. William and Mrs.
   Amy Padgett
John and Helen Powless

Ron and Eleanor Steber
Ray and Marcia Vaughn
Laura Lynn Weidner

Additionally, proceeds from the 2012 Charity Classic were earmarked for the Medical School Student Tuition Fund.  Individuals/Corporations who participated in the Charity Classic include the following:

A M Transport Services
Advantage Home Health
Dave and Linda Allen
John Allen
Holly Arnold
Bill Barrett
Brandon Beard
Kevin Beel
Ron Biehl
William Padgett, MD
Blank’s Insurance
Michelle Bloomer
Skip Bollinger
Andy and Brenda Britton
Pat Burke
Sam and Diane Butler
Carrier Corporation
Citizen’s National Bank
Claybank Enterprises
Clinical Radiologists
Austin Clow
Bill and Linda Clow
Grant Cohen
Colonial Life
Erik Cordell
Brendan Cox
Bill Crackel
Credit Bureau Systems
Bob Crum
John and Laura Curry
Dave Dasenbrock
Mike David
Luis De Venecia
Deaconess HeartCare
Scott Dowty
Electromek Diagnostic
Rich Emery
Chris Faust
Bob Ferguson
First Financial Bank
First National Bank
Garratt Callahan
Sammi Gates
Rob and Deanna Gillis
Eric Grant
Anthony Harrell
Ray Harrell
Les Harrison
Clinton Hartig
Carolyn Hartrich
Valerie Hartz
Brad and Debra Houston
Karen Marie Jameson
Jack Jennings
Eric Jensen
Steve Karolewicz
Kemper CPA Group, LLP
Kerber, Eck & Braeckel
Alvin Kocher
Matt Kocher
Wayne Kocher
Walter Koertge
Greg Kuenstler
Mark Lambird
Jill Marrs
Don and Ruth Matheny
Leann Mattingly
Avery and Mary Jo
Michael McKinney
Don McVaigh
Frank Miller
Murray Company
National Wound Care
Krista Nealis
Darin O'Neal
Otis Elevator Company
Pacific Cycle
Brad and Valerie Padgett
Todd Phillips
Pioneer Pathology
Marsha L. Polley

Stephen and Karen Reid
Rick Runyon
Chris Scaggs
Karl Schaette
Keith Schonert
Steve Schonert
Mike Shan
Mike Shipman
Brandy Shouse
Brad Shryock
Southern Illinois
   Healthcare Foundation
James Spinner
Rodney Stover
Mike Stoverink
Megan Taylor
Pete Themas
Don and Janice Thomas
Thrifty Home Medical
Doug and Janie Tompson
Tri-State Fire Protection,
Tri-State Drilling &
Johnny Trupiano
Ray and Marcia Vaughn
Carl Waggle
Sharon Walden
Chris and Melanie Waller
Rodney Stover
Rick Weltzin
Bob Westfall
Mary White
Samantha White
Williams Brothers
   Healthcare Pharmacy
Chuck Williams
Fr. Jerry Wirth
Steve Zanetis
Mackenzie Zuber
Sarah Zwilling