Board of Directors

Richland Memorial Hospital, Inc. is a not-for-profit, 501 c (3) community hospital.  The RMH, Inc. Board of Directors is made up of community leaders with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.  Current Board members include:


Mr. Herman Zuber,   Chairperson
Mr. Dan Eichelberger, ViceChairperson
Ms. Carol Schafer,   Secretary / Treasurer

Board Members:

Mr. Robert Anniss, Jr.
Dr. Herbert Brokhof, DDS
Mr. Pat Burke
Mr. Rick Bussard
Mr. Tommie Fehrenbacher
Dr. H. Timothy Garrett, D.O.
Mr. Jason Glover
Mr. Dennis Graves
Mr. Rob McClain

Mr. David B. Allen, Chief Executive Officer / Ex Officio
Dr. Robert Nash, M.D., Chief of Staff / Ex Officio

All correspondence to the Richland Memorial Hospital, Inc. Board of Directors should be Directed to:

Richland Memorial Hospital Administration Department
800 East Locust Street
Olney, IL 62450

(618) 395-7340, ext. 4187