Medical School Student Tuition Fund Contributions

Richland Memorial Hospital is currently providing tuition assistance to four Medical School Students.  Each has a commitment to practice locally upon completion of their studies. 

RMH Foundation contributes a minimum of $25,000 annually toward the education of the future generation of physicians for our community.

Proceeds from the 2016 Charity Classic were earmarked for the Medical School Student Tuition Fund.  Individuals/Corporations who participated in the Charity Classic include the following:

A M Transport Services, Inc.

Advantage Home Health

Dave and Linda Allen

Ameriprise Financial Solutions

Bill Barrett

Blank’s Insurance Agency, LLC

Gene and Sherry Brauer

Anita Buss

Carrier Corporation

Citizens National Bank of Albion

Clinical Radiologists, S. C.

Consolidated Communications

Eric Cordell

Bill Crackel

Ben and Heather Curtis

Dave and Stephannie Dasenbrock

Mike David

Electromek Diagnostic Systems, Inc.

Bill Everette

First National Bank in Olney


Dr. Tim and Darlene Garrett

Gwen Gassmann

Len Gesiakowski

Tyler Grubb

Karinsa Hammeren

Janet Hewerdine

Karen Marie Jameson

Eric Jensen

Alvin Kocher

Ed Kocher

Wayne Kocher

Walt Koertge

Don and Ruth Matheny

McClain Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

Darrell McDowell

Avery and Mary Jo McKinney

Michael McKinney

Frank Miller

Dr. Bob and Mary Pat Nash

Otis Elevator Company

Dr. Bill and Amy Padgett

Patrick M. Burke Ltd.

Pioneer Pathology

Marsha Polley

Charlie Qualls

Jon Racklin

Dr. Steve and Karen Reid

Bob Rhodus

William B. Nestle

Bill and Konami Ross

Marty Shaughnessy

O. D. Shouse

Tyler Showalter

Joyce Smith

SIHF at Weber Clinic


Mike Stoverink

Rick Terry

Rick Thomas

Thrifty Home Medical, Inc.

Janie Tompson

Tri-State Fire Protection


Ray and Marcia Vaughn

Carl Waggle

Chris and Dr. Melanie Waller

Wal-Mart DC 6059

Roger Wheat

Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy

Proceeds from the 2016 Diamonds and Denim Charitable Gaming Event also went in support of the Medical Student Fund:

Heather and Aaron Ackman

Rita and Mike Adams

Dr. Prashanth Anand

Lori and Ed Barger

Claudia and Jim Blumthal

Bill Chandler Farms

Paul Blank

Diane Buss

Terri Clodfelter

Heather and Danny Colwell

Georgia Oswald and Terry Conour

Randi and Gary Cowan

Bob and Sue Crum

Sam Cunningham

Ben and Heather Curtis

Janet and Mike David

Angie and Dr. Luis De Venecia

Jeff Doan

Alisha Duenas

Dan and Rhonda Eichelberger

Janice and Brian Ellis

Joyce and Rod Evans

Mimi and Darrell Fehrenbacher

Morgan Fehrenbacher

First National Bank in Olney

Darlene and Dr Tim Garrett

Jane and Bob Guinn

Susan and Jim Haley

Tom and Julie Hearring

Zach Holder - Richland Co Circuit Clerk

Lisa and Drew Holdren

Dr. Cecelia Howell-Canada

Bonnie Jackson

Karen Marie Jameson

Joe E. Johnson

Peggy and Jason Kern

Kistler-Patterson Funeral Home

Mona Kocher

Connie and Greg Kuenstler

Mike and Sharon Kurtz

Mary Jo and Avery McKinney

Dolores and David McNabb

LaNae Mitchell

Molly Murray

Amanda and Tim Musser

Dr. Bob and Mary Pat Nash

Olney Rural King

Allyson and Angel Padilla

Debi and Rick Phillips

Carol and Michael Potter

Sue Ann Quayle

Erin and Rodney Ranes

Erin Rauch

Karen and Steve Reid

Sheila Ritter

Barb and Chuck Roberts

Valerie Rodriguez

Jeffrey and Dr. Dirk Rosenberg

Konami and Bill Ross

Chelsea and Bill Rude

Pam and Steve Runyon

Steve and Maridel Schonert

Jason and Tracy Snider

Kady and Leon Stallard

Eleanor and Ron Steber

Lisa Steber

Emily and John Stephenson

Candi and Mike Stoverink

Surgical Direct, Inc.

Pam Swanson-Madden

Janie Tompson


Loren Urfer

Marcia and Ray Vaughn

Dr. Melanie and Chris Waller

Karen and Randy Weck

Wente Plumbing • Fire Protection

Ursula and Bernie Wuthrich

Susan and Herman Zuber