2016 Memorial Contributions

RMH Foundation is privileged to accept memorial funds
which are used in accordance with the Family’s wishes. 

During 2016, memorial tributes were accepted
on behalf of the following individuals:

In Memory of Virginia Akers

Rex and Tammy Akers

Dave and Linda Allen

Roger and Glenna Bennett

Dennis and Deana Brashear

David and Carole Culp

Jeff and Paula Jones

Terry and Gloria Kiser

Randall and Jewell Masterson

Peoples State Bank

Natalie Puntney

Gwyn and Wade Wilson

Bob and Kim Wirth

Rodney and Mackenzie Wilson



In Memory of James (Jim) Coleman

Pioneer Pathology / Dr. Bob and Mary Pat Nash



In Memory of Dr. Luis Fernandez De Venecia, Sr.

Pioneer Pathology, SC / Dr. Bob and Mary Pat Nash



In Memory of Blake V. Fehrenbacher, RN

Acute Care Unit and Medical/Surgical Unit Staff

David and Linda Allen

Kevin and Heather Blank

Philip R. Brown

Xenophon and Jencie Butcher

Chris Cantwell

Curtis H. Clow

Paul and Helen Donsbach

Jim and Jill Fehrenbacher

Genie Fifer

JR and Marilyn Frohning

Kevin and Rose Frohning

Kim Frohning

Craig Frutiger

Greg and Carla Gardner

Robert J. and Sondra L. Geiger

Timothy Gillespie

John and Annette Gullidge

John and Trieva Jo Henson

Mark and Sharon Hill

Rhea and Howard Hoover

Carolyn and Ronald Iffert

Derek and Kasey Iffert

Karen Marie Jameson

Bridgett and Eric Jensen

Robert E. Kane

Kane Insurance Agency, Inc.

Greg and Connie Kuenstler

Kyle and Tiffany Kuenstler

Mark J. Kuenstler

Avery and Mary Jo McKinney

Michael and Brandy McKinney

Andy, Jamie, Ross and Tess McReynolds

Minerva Mitchel

Denna L. Mitchell

Parker and Cally Mitchell

Delmar and Janice Moeller

Steven and Jane Morris

Daniel J. and Mary E. Patridge

Deborah Piper

Marsha Polley

Michael and Carol Potter

Stephen and Karen Reid

Rod Franklin Well Service, Inc.

Dirk and Jeffrey Rosenberg

Gary and Mary Beth Scherer

John and Kristina Schnepper

Robert and Patricia Staser

Terry Stewart

Brian Streif Family

James and Rosemary Stroder

Kristina Stroud

Sharon K. Welty / Paul Hartis

Bryant Smith and Ashley

West Salem Clinic

Tim and Darlene Garrett



In Memory of Donald (Don) Harting

Pioneer Pathology / Dr. Bob and Mary Pat Nash



In Memory of George Huffman

Rob and Anne Anniss

Windy and Marie Baker

Felecia Bishop

A. Nadine Boyer

Rick Bussard

Dave Carmody

Bob Carpenter

Harold and Carolyn Carpenter

James and Phyllis Coulter

Sandra Esworthy

Jim and Sue Hough

Stephen J Hough

Vinita Huffman

Mark and Sandy Kocher

Joe and Geraldine Lathrop

Rose Michl

Jerry and Linda Miller

Paul and Donna Moyes

Edwards and Carla Mullins

Tom and Susan Murray

Bill and Irene Phelps

Office and Lab Staff

Prairie Farms Dairy

Shirley Ritter

David Selby

Kathy Lee Slankard

Ron and Eleanor Steber

Dick and Carol Steinman

Pat Treece & Amy Lathrop

Judy Walker

Steve and Shelby Walser

David and Jean Walters

Margie Williams

Wade and Gwyn Wilson

Randy and Judy Zehner



In Memory of LaDonna Mann

Steven L. Mann

Doris Murray

Ron and Eleanor Steber



In Memory of Donald E. Murray

Dave and Linda Allen

Anne and Rob Anniss

Connie and James Bandy

Brad and Karen Bare

Norman and Susan Bender

Diane Buss

Card Group

Donald R Darling

Richard F. Dehner

James C. Dickey Jr

Eugenia Edmiston

Julia E. Eichhorst

Carla and Gary Gardner

Tim Gillespie

Gene Hall

Janet S Hewerdine

Karen Marie Jameson

Walter and Nancy Koertge

Ken Kuhn

Rob and Lauren McClain

Michael and Brandy McKinney

Stephan Rodgers

Jean Rusk

Chuck and Cheryl Sanders

Steve and Maridel Schonert

Julie Schrey

Mike and Candice Stoverink



In Memory of Mr. Larry Nelson

Gilbert and Rita Harvey



In Memory of Alberta Seesengood

Andy and Tina Cartright

Melissa K. Lewis

Sandra K Seesengood



In Memory of Mary "Kathy" Wilson

Tyler and Karen Caraway